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MakeUp Revolution Redemption Palettes ♡

The Iconic 3 & Iconic 1 Palettes

Recently I became obsessed with makeup palattes and since I am attending the Makeup course I have had the chance to discover more about how to apply the eye shadow in a more professional way. So I am really happy to be trying out and experimenting with Revolution make up.

So let’s get to the point of this blog.

MakeUp Revolution offers quality make up at a very affordable prices which are in everyones reach. They have a very good pigmentation which is suitable for any occasion, It also gives that shimmery and nice natural look.

My latest purchase are the Iconic 1 and Iconic 3 Redemption Palettes which both comes with 12 different and warm neutral shades. They have very similar colors to the Urban Decay Naked but thanks to MakeUp Revolution we can enjoy very similar colors with a much cheaper price.

The packaging of this palette is nothing special but after all the most important thing is that the Makeup is of good quality.

This palette consists of a mix of matte, pearl and shimmery shades. The matte shades in this palette are great for transition and blending color.

These Redemption palettes have everything a MakeUp lover would ask for. It has a nice selection of warm neutral colors that suits everyones taste. All of the palettes colors are nicely pigmented and have a smooth texture.

MakeUp Revolution also offers another Redemption Iconic palette which is the Iconic 2 but I didn’t try it out because it offers a very similar colors of the Iconic 1 and Iconic 3, and since I bought both of them I didn’t see any use for the Iconic 2.

In my opinion the secret about makeup is not about the most expensive or about the name of the brand of the cosmetic but the way you know how to apply it. So if you don’t want to break the bank in buying some good quality MakeUp, Visit MakeUp Revolution website HERE for a vast choice of good quality make up or just click HERE to buy these Redemption Iconic Palettes.




If you want to know more about on how to apply your eye shadow visit HERE for an easy to follow demonstration.

QueenGV ❤


Rating: 4/5


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