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MAC Lipstick Swatches ♡

My Blog today is all about the MAC lipstick I currently own in Satin, Matte & Retro matte.

I really love how MAC’s lip-pies lasts for ages even when I go out for dinner. Mainly I apply Lipliner from the same Brand all over my lips to have a long-lasting result but as I don’t own all of the lipliners, some of the lipsticks are used on their own hence without any lipliner. I really enjoy using MAC lipsticks and I will purchase them all over again as they are long lasting so I don’t have to worry about my lipstick when I go out as they are very pigmented 😉

Below are the ones I currently own and soon more to come 🙂



Oh Honey – Velvetease Lip Pencil delivers the vivid colour impact of a lipstick with the ease of a mechanical pencil. No sharpener required. It’s a mixture of classic red and warm chocolate, some find this as a chic in light pinks and buttery nudes. Rich and matte, with a smooth, clean finish.

Brave – This shade is described as a pink-beige with white pearl as it is a satin finish which was the one that Kylie Jenner used the most before she launched her own products. I usually use this when I have a wedding or when I want a simple nuder lips. I combine this lip-pie with the Soar lip pencil.

Yash – This is one of my all time favourite nudes which I use with the Double-time pro long-wear lip pencil. This is such a pretty colour and has a great formula. I use it mostly when applying a smokey eyes so I won’t have that heavy makeup look.

MythThis is one of my favourite look as it has that ombre lip trend aswell it does go well with dark skin so I use this especially in summer – I use this lipstick to obtain Kylie Jenner’s look.

Stone Normally described as a muted grayish brown with a Matte finish. It has a rich full color coverage with a lightly creamy consistency with a light-medium thickness that covers well. I use it with the Stone lipliner, tho I do not always purchase the same colour as the lipstick itself, I found this lipliner the best one that goes with the Stone lipstick.

DivaDiva is such a gorgeous deep reddish burgundy shade that I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on at the MAC store. This is one of my favourites and I usually wear it in winter as it is quite dark. It’s a beautiful and has a classy shade that suits basically every single person. I use this lipstick along with the Dark-out pro long-wear lip pencil.

InstigatorThis is a Deep Blacked Plum with a retro matte finish. This colour went on very well and seemed to make my lips darker as I continued applying. You don’t have to be a ‘punk’ to wear it as mostly describe it. It lasted a long time on my lips like other lipsticks from MAC and am very impressed since I don’t use any lipliner with this lipstick.

Ruby Woo – Love the colour of this lipstick, it’s not too dark but not too bright it’s literally just right and will suit many people. It looks great and will last all day. I usually wear it when I create that pinup look. I wear this with the Cherry lip pencil.

All fired upThis was my first MAC lipstick I purchased and I must say I was impressed by MAC the first time I tried this. This is a mixture of pink and red that goes very well with solid bright clothes. Of course I love its Retro matte finish. This lipstick is good for those who want to create a dramatic look. I also apply this lipstick on its own.

These Lipsticks comes packed in a simple rectangular black carton box with MAC written in white which I find to be good looking which also makes the product look even more professional than it already is.


lip Pencil Swatches

I just love MAC lipsticks and I can’t get enough of them. I tried different lipstick brands but found MAC lipsticks to be the ones that satisfies my tastes in lipsticks. I really love their pigmentation and their long lasting result. I am one of the #LIPSTICKJUNKIES ❤

So if you love MAC and want to try out their lip-pies check out their official website HERE

Hope you liked this Blog 🙂

QueenGV ❤

Reference: Temptalia, MAC cosmetics

MAC lipstick overall Rating: 4.8/5




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