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Ripped Jeans Love ♡

Heya Beauties, it has been a while since I have posted a blog on my page as I have been super busy lately.

Today’s blog is all about the Ripped Jeans 💙

I am obsessed with Ripped jeans as you can basically wear them on almost any occasion.

Ripped jeans aren’t exactly an innovative fashion trend for this year because they have been around for ages.

Do we all agree that a pair of ripped jeans is a must haves now a days and adds a serious dose of edge to any outfit?


Well I do believe that 😋😋 and how many of you go out matchin your jeans with your soulmate? I do 😀

Some people love the look of them, while others aren’t so sure about wearing them. I personally think you can still look chic and fab in a ripped or like some people call it ‘boyfriend’ jeans.

Here are some outift ideas on how you can wear your ripped jeans this summer ☀️☀️


Jeans: Bershka, Terranova, Primark & AliExpress

Tops: Bershka & Primark

Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Newlook, Bershka, Primark, Vans & Nike Air


Hope you liked this blog 🤗

QueenGV ❤



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