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Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream ♡

Hey Gals – Today’s review is all about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream.

If you follow my blogs you have seen some great posts on the MUR. I really love purchasing their products over and over again.

So let me get to the point – First things I fell in love with about this product were it’s scent & it’s packaging. It has a really nice sweet smell which is great if you’re using it on your face as well all over your body which I usually do, it gives me that shimmery golden look especially in summer when my skin is quite tanned 😉
I really love it’s packaging because it’s quite simple and easy to carry around.


When first applied to the skin it will look like a normal white cream but once it soaks in, it gives a golden Radiant glowing skin.

Overall it’s a great product and can be used under makeup so it will give you a glowing look, and over your makeup to give you a highlighting look or even on it’s own on your favorite areas. I usually apply it on my T-Zone and cheek bones which can easily makes my features stand out.

I definitely recommend this product as it’s really amazing and cheap at the same time. If you really love to have a smooth shimmery radiant glowing and golden look at the same time and want to make everyone jealous to get your look 😉 then go for this product and you won’t regret it. You can get yours HERE.

Hope you liked this blog:)

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QueenGV ❤
Reference: Ellis Murphy & Tam Beauty

Rating: 4.8/5


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