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Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette ♡

Today is all about the Highlight. Who doesn’t love highlight? Now a days every makeup lover applies highlight even when just going to the beach!!

So recently I bought the highlighter palette from the MUR to use it for my daily routine. I basically have a love affair with this brand ❤

This palette contains 3 vivid baked highlighters. These Highlighters are absolutely stunning with a metallic finish which contains these shades:

Golden light – Peach Light & Pink Light


This palette is very cheap as it only costs €10 which is really a great value considering you have 3 highlighters in just one palette.
My favorite color by far is the Golden Light, it goes well when I have a tanned skin and it gives that golden-shimmery look.
The packaging is super sleek and compact with a sizable mirror in the lid. I really love the pearl texture they’ve got. It is also very practical to carry around.

This palette is absolutely gorgeous, although I would prefer the Mary-Lou Manizer from the balm cosmetics to use as a highlight. The Mary-Lou Manizer is more pigmented especially when applied in the inner corner of your eyes.

So make sure to get that #HighlightOnFleek this summer 😉 and if you want to try this palette – you can get yours from HERE

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QueenGV ❤

Rating: 4.7/5


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