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Budget Makeup Must-Haves ♡

As time goes by it seems that every women is taking more care of herself and treating herself by shopping for some makeup, I am sure everyone have heard about the products that Essence offer and how extremely good they are and they also happen to be very cheap.

So today I am going to show you a budget makeup must haves you need for your daily routine.

No need for expensive products – you can still look flawless every morning by creating a natural look for work or school 

First I start by applying a small amount of NIVEA Soft all over my face, it is a moisturizing cream for everyday use that keeps my face hydrated all day. This product costs only €2.50. I really like the products by Nivea as they are really effective and cheap at the same time.


After allowing the moisturizer to soak in, I apply the Essence oil-free make-up foundation which I must say that it is a really long lasting product and although it is a bit matte it still gives me that glowing look. This only costs €3.70.


I’m lucky to say that I  do not have dark circles – I mean at least for now  but I still love to apply some concealer to get that highlight on – if you know what I mean ;), I use the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer. It also is really long-lasting for it’s price tag which is only around €2.60.


Now comes the Baking part, of course you do not need to get that dramatic look for an every day look but a bit of powder won’t hurt anyone right? so I use the Essence mattifying compact powder for only €3.00. It is very matte and yeah although it is cheap it will still set my makeup when applying it on my T-zone.


How many times you promised yourself to wake up and start contouring your face? I bet most of you prefer to sleep a little while longer rather than spending half an hour contouring our face and I do just that everyday  – so instead I apply a very small amount of the sun club matt bronzing powder on my forehead and cheekbones to get that slimmery look. I really love its scent as it smells like coconut, get your bronzer for just €3.70. This is insane right? 😉


Now blush it up and don’t forget to smile 🙂 This matte touch blush gives the skin a perfect soft texture. I love this color as I think it gives me a healthy look – you do not want to look like you have been in a carbon factory, just keep it simple as possible. This only costs € 2.60. Omgeez essence is literally driving me crazy with these price tags 


I’d love to apply some eye shadow base as this keeps my eye-lid from creasing after applying foundation and I use the i love stage – eye-shadow base which sells for just €2.60. Although this is mainly used as a primer before applying eye-shadow I still love to apply this base. I do not actually have time and energy to apply any eye-shadow every morning.

eyeshadow base

Now here comes my obsession – the eyebrow part, although sometimes I apply the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, I also help it by applying this eyebrow pencil as it helps to fill in any space left, then I use an eyebrow gel to keep my brows color from fading. These products together costs only € 4.20.


The only drama I enjoy is on my lashes so I only apply Mascara. I use the lash princess volume mascara, it gives my lashes that natural volume look and yes this is my all-time favorite mascara which costs only € 3.50.

I apply a very small amount of this longlasting lipliner as I apply it only to have a well shaped lips. I got the no.03 yummy berry for only € 1.60.


To make sure everything stays in place I use this stay natural concealer which comes with a small brush which can be used to easily apply the concealer around my eyebrows and around my lips without using any other brush.This costs € 2.10.

stay conceal

Of course prices may vary from a country to another but for me Essence still have the cheapest price and a very good product at the same time. I do have many other products which I also use when I’m going out but these are the ones I mainly use for my daily routine..

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QueenGV ❤

Reference: Essence & Nivea

Rating: 4.9/5


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