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5 beauty hacks every woman should know ♡

Hey there beautiful Ladies 😘 I want to start by saying Thank you Gals for your continuous support, its a busy world out there but I finally got some me time to write a blog. Today I am about to tell you my Top 5 hacks I have discovered  along the time with my makeup routine.

1. Apply powder to your lashes

Always make sure to apply some baby powder on your lashes with a cotton bud. This will make your lash look thicker and fuller.


2. Apply False lashes under your own

I used to struggle with false lashes however once I discovered this hack I can finally say that this really helped me to apply false lashes to perfection just by applying the false lashes under my own. If I can do it, so can you. Just try it 🙂


3. Brighten up the inner and outer corner of your eyes

Always apply  eye shadow base around your eyes even though you don’t feel like doin any eyeshadow, this will keep your eye-lid from creasing. Apply some highlighter on the inner part of your eye and at the end of your eyebrows. This will make your eyes look flawless.

4. Make your lipstick last longer

Before applying any lipstick make sure to put some foundation and powder on your lips. Apply lip liner all over your lips and apply some more powder. Then apply the lipstick. Finally apply some more powder and voila! your lipstick will stay all night long 😉 I love matte looking lips.


5. An easy way to wear eyeliner

Applying eyeliner can be tedious sometimes, but with this easy hack you can start applying eyeliner like a pro 😁 Start by making 3 dots on your eye lid and then join them with the same eyeliner for a perfect straight line :). You can also use a cotton bud to straighten the eyeliner and perfecting your look. Its amazing how a cotton bud can be useful in applying your make up !


I am sure that you will all find these hacks useful.

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QueenGV ❤️


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