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What’s in my Travel Backpack ♡


Heya Dolls 🙂 As I promised on my Instagram Account I am going to show you what I took with me for my holiday in Barcelona.

So let me start by telling you that this holiday was not planned, Let me explain – I used to work in a different department from where I am now and every year we had a Travel Incentive which for the 2nd consecutive year I was one of the Winners. #HardWorkPaysOff 🙂


Let me continue by telling you that I am so in love with this Backpack I got from Stradivarius for only Eur 20, its a bargain right? It can carry a lot of stuff and it is very convenient to carry around especially while on a vacation.

When I’m on Holiday I love to take some Polaroid photos with my Instax (Which my boyfriend got me some years ago), and Barcelona wasn’t an exception. I carry around my Instax in a carrying case so I could carry it around with ease. I got this Instax Carrying case from AliExpress – A website which I love to buy from.

I also took a scarf with me so that if it feels cold at night as I have sensitive throat and I won’t take an unwanted cold. I am a scarf lover and I took this particular scarf because in my opinion it goes with every outfit I took with me.

I love to read a book while on board the plane or watching a movie on my iPad Mini. However this time I only took a book, which was really interesting by the way – I recommend it.

Your phone battery won’t last long so I’d love to carry around a Power Bank with me for whenever my phone battery is low. This particular power bank is convenient to carry around because it’s really slim and lightweight.

I really Love love love these sunglasses which I got from Ebay a while ago with a very good deal. They are so cool and in the trend.

Off course I also took my wallet which I got it from Stradivarius at a reasonable price – We all need to do some shopping right? Although I normally use my boyfriends credit card 

A make up bag won’t hurt to carry around – so I brought one of my gorgeous tiny makeup bags to carry around my essential makeup such as a compact powder, mascara and my all time favorite lipstick from MAC.

I also brought a Sanitary bag which every women needs to carry around almost all of the time. It also have some medicine such as aspirins, paracetamol and bandages etc.

I also took my Leocrema lip balm because my lips tends to dry when abroad because of the different weather, and I also took my magical Hand Cream from Body Shop which is practical to carry around as it is in a small container and won’t take much space or weight in your hand luggage.


So this is it – Hope this was helpful 🙂

Can’t wait for my next Vacay. Destination to ……? 😀

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QueenGV ❤


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