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Black Friday – KIKO Haul ♡

It’s been quite a while since my last blog – it’s a busy world out there. Today I will be writing about my latest haul from KIKO, which I got them with a very good deal, I ordered this on black Friday were their promotion was to buy 3 and get another 3 free, amazing right? I wish it is always black Friday.



This particular product was recommended by a friend, it works like magic and it is a must have especially for those who wear a subtle makeup. If you, like everyone else, has those days when you don’t feel like applying any makeup on, this is the perfect product for you! It has a very smooth texture and leaves your face hydrated all day with a moisturized and softer skin. It is also good to cover all your blemishes and redness it also has the ability to minimize skin imperfections. I got it for the price of Eur 19.90. What are you waiting for, get yours now from HERE. I got mine in light color.



I’ve been looking for this blush for a long time and finally I’ve got to get my hands on it. It has a very beautiful texture – I got mine in passion Red wine color, it is very pigmented and goes well with any occasion. It also creates a natural matte effect. I’ve got mine for only Eur 3.00. It is also another must have – girl get yours from HERE



These lippies are F-A-B, I usually wear matte lipsticks as it tend to last longer, however I wanted to try out a different formula, heard also quite good reviews on them and that these Unlimited Stylo lippies are a must have. They do last for quite a long time, I got mine in PoppyRed, HibiscusRed & CherryRed – I just love Red! 🙂 It is comfortable and easy to control when applying. Their packaging and design allow the properties of its formula to remain intact. I really love it’s case as its very sleek. It is very good considering it costs only Eur 6.90 for each lipstick – HERE is where you can find a vast selection of colors ♡♡♡


Here are some of the other stuff I got from KIKO, didn’t have the time to try them out all yet, however will give you some good reviews very soon 🙂 stay tuned.


Hope you liked this Blog  ♡

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QueenGV ❤


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