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Red Lips – Long Lash ♡

The only drama that I enjoy is in my Lashes !


Do we all agree that long lashes makes us look fabulous? Well unfortunately not everyone is so lucky to have them how they would like, and not even a mascara will help out sometimes. I have the solution for this – a very affordable remedy.

False lashes – Of course false lashes are not exactly the easiest thing to put on when applying makeup, However a bit of practice while watching tutorials will surely be of help. Honestly I didn’t have any idea at all on how to apply false lashes and I used to struggle a lot, but with a lot of practice I can say that now I am quite good in applying them. If I can do it, so can you. Just try it!

Tip: Try applying the false lashes under your own, this is the easiest way I have discovered and it works! It looks a lot more natural.

If you follow my blogs, you know that my favourite online shop is AliExpress. This is from where I have bought these gorgeous false lashes. Do you know for how much I bought them? You won’t believe this! These false lashes only costs Eur 0.98c including the shipping. They come in 5 pairs, however they don’t come with a glue but what the hack, it is understandable with that price –  it is a steal right?! These lashes are very natural looking and one can easily adjust them the way they want.


Here is a photo of me with these lash.


Here you can find a tutorial which is easy to understand and will help you master the way you apply your lashes. 

Hope that you found this blog useful 

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