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Wycon Matt Sublime Lipstick Review ♡

You may have noticed that I really love matt lipstick, so I thought lets blog about my latest makeup that I got from Wycon. If you follow me on my social media accounts you may have realized that I already tried and tested Wycon whilst I was on a holiday in Trapani, Italy a while ago. Since then, I always wanted to try new makeup from them as I found them to be very good and at an affordable price. Lucky me Wycon just opened its doors here in Malta – It’s great right?!. When I was at Wycon I came across these two lovely lipstick colors, in Orange #615 and Baby Pink #624, I love reddish and pinkish colors ♡. There are many vast of other colors one can choose from.

These two lipsticks are both from the Sublime collection from Wycon which I found them to be really long-lasting and ultra-pigmented. It feels velvety as you apply it on your lips and then dries to a pure matt, however it doesn’t dry your lips. Which is a plus!

The packaging is super sleek and simple. What about the price? It only cost 5.90.

I might be wearing these two lovely colors for both Winter & Summer. Well we’ll see!

Baby Pink – 624
Orange – 615

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Photo credits: Nicholas Borg



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