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KIKO Everlasting Lip Liners Review ♡


You all know I have an endless love for lip liners, so it comes to no surprise that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Everlasting Color Precision Lip Liners by KIKO. When I was in Poland last week, there happened to be a KIKO outlet so I could see with my eyes the Makeup they offer. Well I am becoming obsessed with KIKO’s Makeup.


I couldn’t decide which colors to pick, so I chose these 3: no. 405, no. 409 & no. 414. Well actually they had the majority of the colors out of stock. I wonder why ?! 😉 Basically we have a win-win situation here.

Formula: It is very pigmented and long lasting. It has a creamy texture that leaves on a matte finish.

Everlasting Color in #405
Everlasting Color in #409
Everlasting Color in #414

Color Range: The color range is quite vast, there are 14 shades of colors one can choose from; ranging from your reds, pinks & browns.

Packaging: The high-tech pencil features a built-in sharpener and applicator which makes the pencil easy to grip; and a retractable design that allows you to twist-up and down.

Price: It is not pricey at only €6.90. It is absolutely worth the money!


My thoughts on this are that as an overall, these everlasting lip liners are a solid add on to your vanity, very affordable & long lasting compared with other renowned brands.


Photo Credits: Nicholas Borg




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