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The Hangover Box ☆

Hello my fellow followers welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I am back writing on something slightly different than usual. I am sure you have heard about ‘THE HANGOVER BOX’

For those who haven’t heard about this yet, this is a box full of goodies that will help you get through a rough morning after a night out drinking. This kit will help in getting through a hangover, while also making a good sense of humour for all the fun nights to come. If you know what I mean 

Kanye Mug hb

Amy Mug hb

The Hangover Box was founded and created by Anastasia and Masha. Two friends that met during their first year of fashion studies in Milan, Italy. Anastasia took the jewellery line while Masha started her career as an artist. One day while they were working together they came up with an idea for a project. Something for the adventurous girls with great sense of humour,  and friendship similar to theirs. They decided on something that would be great for a birthday celebration or a bachelorette party – The Hangover Box was born. They threw some great products for hangover prevention and they spiced it up with humour and attitude. The Hangover Box was up on their website for everyone to buy. They started their own company.

Hangover Box details

Hangover Box

Here are the products you will find in The Hangover Box:

    • Star pin – Which I think it is fashionable and can be worn in the evening. I would wear it with an army styled jacket.
    • Thermal Facial spray –  Instantly refreshes and moisturises the skin, relieves dryness.
    • Herbal infusion Detox tea – There are different infusions included to choose from. 
    • Over-ez prevention pill –  A natural supplement formulated pill which helps reduce the hangover effects of alcohol. 
    • Coffee takeaway mug – Two different styles available: ‘Amy’ & ‘Kanye’. My fav is Amy 🙂 they are made out of plastic material which makes carrying the mug easier and lighter.
    • T-shirt – A simple t-shirt with an original print “Hangover Survivor”
    • Facial masks – Will soothes, condition, nourish and moisturise your skin.

One can even buy one of their awesome T-Shirts or mugs separately.

Hangover Survivor tee hb 2

For those out there that still haven’t given this Hangover Box a try, I strongly suggest that you do. A box that will make you survive any hangover with a little sense of humour 🙂

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and check out their official website HERE




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