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Little Miss Fabulous x

Heya loves – Welcome back to my Blog ♡

Today I am introducing a new category on my blog which is going to be called – Guest Bloggers. Basically I will be promoting other bloggers pages, in hopes to inspire new fellow bloggers and to unite more bloggers together.

For those interested in collaborating feel free to send an email from Here

So basically Kim from Little Miss Fabulous x approached me and came up with the idea to do a collab together so we could tell our favorite spring/summer lipsticks and share them with you all.

I will be posting my faves next week so stay tuned 😉

Kim is an 18 year old young lady from the beautiful island of Malta, who is a makeup enthusiast. I urge you to give her a follow on her Facebook official page – Little Miss Fabulous x & on Instagram too.

This is what Kim picked up 

Until next time ♡



Hi loves!

It’s Kim from Little Miss Fabulous x here!   invading Graziella’s blog
I decided to collab with her because her posts are always so well made and written.

We decided to to do a collab because women doing anything together makes everything better so I came up with the idea of sharing our fav spring-summer lipsticks!  
I’m a huge fan of pinks and purples and sometimes I love to do a glossy lip too
So here are my faves!

Colour pop had a hello kitty 🐱🐱🐱🐱collection which was out of this world adorable and I wanted to get myself a gloss
so it was a win win! cutest packaging+good quality gloss! no stickyness or whatsoever and it’s an amazing iridescent clear gloss
shade: super cute

Another gloss! this time by l’oreal and again this is of super quality and not sticky i got mine from melita health&beauty
shade: forever young

Rimmel – I got this one from Bubb’ly boutique and these are so inexpensive! they’re def not matte tho but i love it
it’s so creamy and keeps my lips hydrated  absolutely love the colour too
shade: 200 it’s a keeper (it sure is!)

Colourpop matte – unfortunately this arrived damaged I think it doesn’t have a stopper.. it’s one of my fav pink nudes
we all know how great colourpop is with such a little price
shade: cheap thrills

Kiko- ive been posting about this baby so many times! it’s an absolute FAV you can wear it as a matte or as a gloss
the colour is just perfect
shade: 118

Essence glossy stick- SUPER inexpensive it’s extremely creamy- again it’s not matte but i love having my lips feel
smooth and creamy in spring and summer
shade: peony star

KIKO – very similar to the essence velvet stick a bright pink, I got it when I was in Rome and they had an offer it was like
1euro only!
shade: 04

Makeup revolution- One of my fav lipsticks ever it’s formula it’s velvety but dries matte, not the most long lasting
liquid lippie ever but I don’t mind it. Smells amazing too!!
shade: not one for playing games

Bh cosmetics – once again posted about this so many times it’s my fav red lippie in my collection and i have about 7
shade: Glory

I hope you all enjoyed my post!
Let me know what are your fav spring/summer lippies

Thank you to Graziella for collaborating with me


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