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Heya loves welcome back to my blog 🙂

I haven’t been posting frequently because I am currently busy reviewing different products, also due to the upcoming fashion week, wedding plans, work and much more. Yep! I have been a busy bee.

Today I am reviewing a beauty range which I fell in love with the minute I tried them, this post is in conjunction with JC Health & Beauty Ltd. (you can also check out this page: Beauty Roots), who approached me to start reviewing their products. They will be offering me some more products to review in the future so stay tuned!.

TBH I’ve never heard about this brand before, however I am so happy that I’ve got the chance to review this range myself. Naturalium brand, is new in the market since it was founded in 2014. In addition to the products that I am going to talk about, they also offer their products in the form of shower gels which are good for those who suffer from eczema as it helps with the itching. Naturalium is not only known for its simplicity of their products, they are also known for the use of natural aromas such as peach, strawberry and much more. These products are all Paraben free.

Lucky me, I was given these products with different scents to try out.

First product I am reviewing  is the Naturalium Body Mist 


2277ede79fd7b2608b141c995c73d871.jpgThis mist comes in 6 different aromas, I got mine in peach scent which smells fantastic. The peach scent gives an energy feeling and freshness, so using it in the morning is a great idea! in fact I use it for my daily routine. I always carry it in my bag wherever I go since it is very practical and easy to apply.


This Naturalium Body Lotion in Mango scent smells really yummy, that I feel like eating it! 😋😜 I apply it daily especially to my hands as they tend to dry-out and it keeps my skin smooth, clean and hydrated. It is also easy to spread all over the body with just a small amount. This body lotion also comes in 6 different aromas.



Since I recently done an ombre to my hair I am quite cautious when choosing a product for my hair apart from the products that my personal hairdresser recommends. That being said, I wanted to give this a try and I don’t regret it at all. This hair mask is made from Argan oil which helps to keep my hair hydrated all the time which is a plus for me since I really need to take good care of my hair especially in these sunny days. The Naturalium hair mask from Argan and Brazil nut also helps to seal split ends, help in growth and provides omega-3 fatty acids. The addition of keratin also helps to repair, strengthen and prevent hair damage, leaving my hair shiny, smooth and silky soft. Another plus of this product is its very competitive price.


This body butter is very long lasting, I usually apply it before going out in the evening and the next morning I could still smell its scent. This Naturalium Body Butter in Shea & Macadamia scent helps to care and nourishes the skin.

Well, that’s all for today loves. While I hope you liked this blog post, I hope you will find this helpful in choosing your next wellness products, I urge you to follow JC Health & Beauty Ltd. & Beauty Roots for more updates. I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again JC Health & Beauty Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to try-out these products.

Until next time! ♡




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