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My Favorite Makeup Brand by Diva Inside

Heya loves ♡

Another guest blogger post is up today which is in collaboration with Diva Inside by Caroline Abela.

I’ve known Caroline for these past 6 months, I have met her on Facebook as I do follow her journey on social media and I also got to meet her in various fashion shows such as the fashion week. She is a very sweet person always with a smile on her face. Caroline is also a full time mama so she’s quite a busy bee, but she always manage to give her followers interesting posts to read. Today she will be blogging about her favorite makeup brand. Below you can find her full post. Meanwhile I urge you to give her a follow on her Facebook page from HERE, Official Blog from HERE and on Instagram  Enjoy!




Hey there my Lovelies,
Welcome to my first Guest Blogger post in collaboration with Graziella of Glitter with Gloss.
I have for the past year been introduced to Flormar Cosmetics (#Malta).  I am in love with this brand and if you want to see my first post ever from there brand you can catch HERE and check out all the other posts I have, if you like.
Ever since that first purchase I have been loving the products and I have to admit that is some way or another, they always make it to my favourites products or the most products I reach out for.  I like almost everything they have to their range from the foundations to the lipsticks. The colour pay-off of their products is phenomenal!
I have gone and created a makeup look that you might say it’s my go to ‘no make, makeup’ routine
Here are the products I used :
Double Radiance Primer Highlighter which has also SPF 10
Reborn Fusion Power Foundation Serum which has also SPF 20
Flormar Colour correcting palette
Flormar Loose Powder
Flormar eyebrow wax and powder
Flormar Precious Curl Mascara
Flormar Rotating Mascara
Flormar Bronzing Powder
Flormar Silk Matte in shade 03 Sunset
Overall I’m am super happy to have made the acquaintance with this amazing brand! I love that from foundations, to shadows, to lippies, to wet wipes and tools there’s something for everyone, and I love that they’re so affordable.
If have not tried the brand Flormar, I encourage you to do so for yourself, they have two shops in Malta, one in Paola and one in from of BayStreet in St. Julians.  I highly recommend you give them a visit you will not be disappointment.
Until next time,
Featured Image by TGM Media

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